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60 overseas Chinese students winning “UnionPay Grants for Overseas Students”

On December 21, 2010 UnionPay Grants Contest for Overseas Students held by UnionPay came to a successful conclusion in Beijing, with 60 excellent overseas Chinese students from world-renowned universities such as Yale University, Oxford University and University of Toronto standing out to win grants with a total value of RMB 300,000.
The campaign of “UnionPay Grants for Overseas Students” was launched by UnionPay in 2008, aimed at providing support and help to overseas Chinese students with excellent moral and academic performances for their study and life abroad. This activity, along with UnionPay Endeavourers Scholarship Fund, reveals the sense of enterprise responsibility of UnionPay in serving the people’s livelihood, concerning public welfare and repaying the society. Two contests were held previously and hundreds of overseas students were sponsored. This year, the third contest further expanded the range of participation by orienting itself to students studying in the US, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and Singapore, as well as to three additional destination countries for studying abroad - UK, Italy and Canada. The contest selects winners through several elements such as knowledge quiz, article appraisal and popularity competition
Relevant officials of UnionPay expressed that with the accelerating implementation of Chinese “going out” strategy and increasingly close international exchange and cooperation, more and more young students are going abroad for studies. In order to provide better card use service to these overseas students and express our care and encouragement, UnionPay also shares the achievements of building up UnionPay brand with young students in the form of setting up grants and supporting overseas students to carry out talent competition while further accelerating the expansion of acceptance network. At present, UnionPay acceptance network has extended to 98 overseas countries and regions, and UnionPay card could be used in 90% of the destination countries and regions for overseas Chinese students.

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