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UnionPay International Convenes the Fourth Meeting of the First International Council
--Accelerating the Promotion of Brand Internationalization

May 22 to 23 - UnionPay International convenes the Fourth Meeting of the First International Council, attended by representatives of council members from 20 countries and regions across the world. Zhu Shumin, President of the Council (Deputy Governor of the BOC), presides over the meeting. China UnionPay Chairman Su Ning and UnionPay International CEO Cai Jianbo are also present at the meeting, holding talks with several member institutions and reaching broad consensus on accelerating the promotion of brand internationalization.

At the meeting, representatives of the council members earnestly listen to the UPI Business Development Report and two special reports on the development trends of global payment service and mobile internet service, make in-depth discussions on a number of important topics, e.g. how to accelerate the overseas card acceptance and issuance, the development of localized services, brand building and promotion of UPI in the context of global payment industry revolution, and review and approve many important proposals.

Council President Zhu Shumin says that last year, UPI admitted 150 new member institutions, defined the organizational structure of the Council and set up two special committees and a specialist advisory group, which have better served the member institutions. Under new situations, the Council, as representative of UPI members, will further strengthen communications and cooperation, take active part in discussing and deciding upon the UPI businesses and other relevant issues, and provide good advices and set up a solid platform for promoting the development of UPI businesses so as to realize mutual benefits and win-win results.

In the special report, China UnionPay Chairman Su Ning elaborates the innovative development of mobile internet profoundly but in simple language. He also says each council member shall proactively give opinions and suggestions on how to develop UnionPay card businesses faster and better in the context of new situations through the UPI member council platform, which is conducive to increasing consensus and deepening cooperation among all parties concerned. UPI shall bring the strengths of membership system into full play, increase the linkage between member institutions and UPI by means of system innovation, constantly improve overseas card acceptance range, make more efforts to develop overseas card issuance businesses, promote the use of overseas-issued cards, accelerate the services localization and enhance the international awareness of UnionPay brand.

Currently, UnionPay cards have become accepted by over 12 million merchants and over 1.1 million ATMs in over 140 countries and regions. UnionPay cards are accepted by almost all merchants in South Korea, Mongolia and Hong Kong, and by a significantly increasing number of merchants in Europe, Australia, Africa and Middle East. The overseas acceptance network is extending to markets not frequently visited by Chinese tourists. The role of UnionPay as an international acceptance network is further highlighted and UnionPay brand has become recognized by more and more consumers at home and abroad.

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