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Bank of Mozambique Executive Director Ms Esselina Macome Pays a Visit to UnionPay International

Cai Jianbo(right 4th), CEO of UnionPay International meets with Ms Esselina Macome(left 4th), Executive Director of the Bank of Mozambique

May 14 – Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International meets with Ms Esselina Macome, Executive Director of the Bank of Mozambique and her delegation in Shanghai. Relevant leaders of Sociedade Interbancária de Moçambique (hereinafter referred to as “SIMO”), a bank card switching institution in Mozambique, accompany the visit.

Executive Director Esselina introduces the central bank’s desirability on the construction of payment system infrastructure in the context of economic and financial integration of Mozambique, and emphasizes the significance of the construction work. She says, the Bank of Mozambique hopes to learn about what UnionPay has been doing in building its payment switching network, increasing bank card popularization, reducing social payment cost, and supporting rural financial development, and is looking forward to the cooperation with UnionPay on UnionPay card services.

CEO Cai Jianbo outlines the development situations of UnionPay card international business, introduces the UnionPay’s practice in assisting the central bank of China with the promotion of “Funong” cards and mobile payment products in the domestic market, and shares UnionPay’s experience in building the bank card switching network. He says, UnionPay will provide UnionPay card services in Mozambique under the guidance of the Bank of Mozambique and in accordance with local regulatory policies. Recently, UnionPay International will accelerate the cooperation with SIOM and other local institutions to jointly improve the local card acceptance environment, design UnionPay card products fitted for the needs of Mozambique market, and provide local residents with safe and convenient services for everyday spending, overseas payment, labor-related remittance, etc. by taking advantage of UnionPay’s global card acceptance network and products.

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