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Overview of the global acceptance network for UnionPay cards

The UnionPay acceptance network has extended to more than 140 countries and regions outside China, with more than 1 million ATMs and nearly 10 million merchants overseas. In China, the network also covers 170 thousand ATMs and 1.18 million merchants. At present, more than 40 financial institutions have officially issued local-currency UnionPay standard cards in more than 30 countries and regions. UnionPay cards are not only well accepted by Chinese cardholders, but also highly recognized by more cardholders in other countries and regions. Now, UnionPay has become the international bankcard brand.

Application of UnionPay merchant

To apply for accepting UnionPay cards, you can visit the UnionPay website and download the application form, then send the completed form by e-mail; or you can directly contact local UnionPay branch. We will get in touch with you immediately.

After becoming a UnionPay merchant, you will receive professional bankcard services, and embrace the business opportunities brought by the 1.8 billion UnionPay cards.

Download application form
Download application form.doc(28.16k)

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