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Q: why shall join UnionPay

UnionPay, the banckcard association representing China

UnionPay Co. Ltd(UnionPay). was founded in 2002.  It is the only national bankcard association in China. All bankcard issuers in mainland China are members of UnionPay. By the end of 2006,it had 189 member banks. 

Since the foundation of UnionPay, Chinese bankcard industry has been growing extremely rapidly. By the end of 2006, there are 1.175 billion bankcards, increased by 23% within the same period, among which 1.119 billion debit cards, 56 million credit cards, increased by 22% and 39% respectively within the same period.

he great number of bankcards has brought huge transaction amount. The whole year bankcard transaction amount is estimated to have exceed RMB 60,000 billion in 2006, among which consuming transaction amount has exceeded RMB 1,600 billion, increased by over 70% within the same period.


Chinese tourists—the highest potential buyer group

Do you know China is becoming one of the countries that have the largest outbound tourists? Please refer to the following chart to have a clear impression.

In comparison with the number of tourists, the consumptive ability of tourists is also amazing. Please refer to the following chart.


Join UnionPay, enjoy the development of China’s economy

UnionPay believes that Chinese tourists are a huge strategic market with big profit and great potential. From 2004 to April 2007, UnionPay has expanded its network to 25 countries across the world at an amazingly high speed. As the acceptance network expanding, its overseas transaction amount is also boosting.


UnionPay—your ideal partner

By the end of 2006,UnionPay so far has established cooperation with 189 issuers, 77 overseas acquirers and nearly 30 key domestic travel agencies. UnionPay holds various marketing events at home and abroad every year, sending millions of handouts to its card holders, propelling outbound Chinese tourists to bring more profit to its overseas partner.

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