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On May 3rd, 2013
UnionPay International and Bank SinoPac Taiwan jointly announced that the two sides will launch cooperation in POS acceptance and further expand UnionPay cards acceptance in Taiwan. Among the first merchants under Bank SinoPac that accept UnionPay cards are travel agencies and fuel stations, marking the beginning of all 1,500 merchants under the Bank to accept UnionPay cards in succession.



On April 30th, 2013
UnionPay International (“UPI”) and The Bancorp (“Bancorp”) today jointly issued the first UnionPay card in the United States. The UnionPay travel card issued by Bancorp is targeted at American tourists and business travelers’ need who travel to Asia Pacific frequently, as well as American residents. Su Ning, Chairman of China UnionPay, and Betsy Cohen, CEO of Bancorp, attended the launching ceremony.


On April 25th, 2013
UnionPay International and the largest card issuer of Korea Shinhan Card Co., Ltd. jointly announced the issuance of UnionPay IC credit cards (with card number starting with 62 and UnionPay logo on card face). Up to date, UnionPay cards have been issued by all major banks of Korea. Su Ning, Chairman of China UnionPay and Lee Jae Woo, CEO of Shinhan Card Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony.


On April 24th, 2013
UnionPay International and Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao (BCEL) announced that the two sides would further strengthen their cooperation in card issuance by introducing UnionPay cards with student card functions. With the continuously enriched UnionPay cards being wildly preferred by the local residents, UnionPay has become the largest international bankcard brand in Laos in terms of quantity of cards issued locally.


On April 23rd, 2013
UnionPay and Bank of China have signed a cooperative agreement in Singapore, agreeing to issue the first UnionPay travel card (with card number starting with 62 and UnionPay logo on card face) outside China in Singapore by the end of the year, providing local residents special services for travelling at home and abroad.


On April 22nd, 2013
UnionPay International and ACLEDABANK (the largest local bank in Cambodia) concluded a cooperative agreement in Phnom Penh, agreeing that all POSs and ATMs under ACLEDABANK would accept UnionPay cards in the third quarter of the year.


On April 17th, 2013
UnionPay International and the South Australian Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Shanghai whereby the two sides agree to further expand the local service range of UnionPay cards (with card number starting with 62 and UnionPay logo on card face) and jointly organize card use rewards and promotion activities.



On March 15th, 2013
UnionPay International and China Merchants Bank announced the Bank’s launch of signature and PIN-exempt acceptance service for UnionPay credit cards overseas. UnionPay cards which support signature acceptance provide cardholders many payment options featuring more convenient and efficient service whereby cardholders may either make PIN-based payments in 141 overseas countries and regions covered by UnionPay network or conduct transactions based on signature verification (without entering PIN) in the US, Korea, Hungary, Iceland and other countries and regions that have launched the service.



On February 6th, 2013
UnionPay announced the launch of a cross-border online shopping platform (haigou.unionpay.com) for “overseas shopping”, providing UnionPay cardholders with all-sided services including merchant’s shopping guide, webpage translation, cross-border payment, logistics clearance, etc., and delivering a new experience of cross-border online shopping that is safer, more convenient and more favorable.



On January 31st, 2013
UnionPay President Su Ning met with Pakistan’s Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and State Bank President Yaseen Anwar, making in-depth exchanges in respect of economic and financial situations, the construction of modern payment system, accelerating the popularization of bank card payment, etc. and reaching a consensus on expanding UnionPay card business cooperation, better serving the economic and trade exchanges between the two countries and facilitating the regional economic integration.


On January 29th, 2013
UnionPay International and Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) made a joint announcement in Seoul that UnionPay cardholders would be able to make cross-border purchases at KEB’s online POSs via “UnionPay Online Payment”.


On January 24th, 2013
UnionPay and Pakistan’s largest bank Habib Bank Limited (HBL) announced in Karachi the issuance of UnionPay debit cards. UnionPay President Su Ning, Executive Vice President of UnionPay and President of UnionPay International Cai Jianbo, President of Lianyin Venture Capital Investment Li Ling, HBL President Sultan Ali Allana, and HBL President and CEO Nauman K. Dar attended the launching ceremony. The Chinese consul general ZHANG Jianxin to Karachi was present with congratulations.


On January 23rd, 2013
UnionPay and Kasikorn Bank of Thailand signed a cooperation agreement on online payment whereby UnionPay cardholders would be able to make cross-border payment on part of POSs in Thailand through “UnionPay Online Payment”. The application range of UnionPay cards in Thailand has been extended from ATMs and POSs to online payment. UnionPay President Su Ning, UnionPay Executive Vice President and UnionPay International President Cai Jianbo, and CEO of Kasikorn Bank Banthoon Lamsam attended the signing ceremony.


On January 22nd, 2013
UnionPay debit card was launched by Krung Thai Bank, the largest state-owned bank in Thailand. UnionPay President Su Ning and CEO of Krung Thai Bank Vorapak Tanyawong attended the launching ceremony.


On January 15th, 2013
UnionPay International and ANZ, one of the four largest banks in Australia, announced that the two sides had concluded a MOU on global cooperation. Based on the MOU, the two sides will join hands to optimize the card use environment in Australia, New Zealand and the Asian-Pacific region and explore cooperation in card issuing business.

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