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The US is a developed and highly modernized country. Its rich natural resources and diversified culture make it an extremely charming touring destination.

The US has 50 states and a Columbia District. It covers a wide area and has a complicated topography. The eastern area along the Atlantic is mostly plains,hills, boasts as well as many forests and lakes. Important cities in this area include Washington, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Miami. The central plain is an important agriculture and pasture zone, with the 6400km-long Mississippi running from south to north. Important cities in this area include Atlanta, Chicago, Huston and New Orleans. In the mountainous area on the west of the plain, there are famous Grand Canyon National Park and Yellow Stone National Park. In the western coastal area along the Pacific is the beautiful and sunny California, the state where San Francisco and Los Angles is located. Another important city in this area is Seattle. In the northern border area near Canada is the famous Five lake area, whose most spectacular site is the Niagara Fall. Apart from these, The Hawaii Archipelago is also a world-renowned holiday resort.

CUP has established the acceptance of CUP cards in the US since December, 2005. The customer service hotline of CUP in the US is 866-567-5516.

As code debit card merchants in the US are mostly national chain shops, merchants that accept CUP cards are located in all major cities in every American state. They are more widely spread in places frequently visited by Chinese tourists, like Los Angles, New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Washington and Huston.

At present, CUP cards whose number starts with 6 or 9 are accepted. For debit cards, both merchant shopping and ATM services are available. For credit cards, only ATM services are available. Consumptions using debit cards are not subject to the limitation of line of credit, so it is recommended that debit cards be used for large consumptions. In some areas of the US, if you draw cash through ATMs, the operator of ATM will charge a certain amount of terminal convenience fee, which varies from 1.5-3 US dollars.

Many merchants in the US follow the policy of not putting bank card acceptance logo, so it is recommended that you inquire the shop cashier whether CUP cards are accepted when shopping.


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