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Costa Rica is crowned as the “Switzerland of Central America” for its developed tourism industry.
As a popular tourist destination, San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, features a variety of attractive landmarks, galleries, museums, markets and natural landscapes. Many tourist programmes in worth-seeing scenic spots of San Jose and many interesting activities are provided for you to choose from. In addition, during an organized visit to natural areas, you can not only enjoy the charming scenery, and experience a perfect combination of audio, taste and sensation.
The main tourist attractions of San Jose include: Catedral Metropolitana , NBio Park, Lankester Gardens , Mercado Central , Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, Museo de Arte Costarricense, etc.
Recent years have witnessed an increasing popularity of Tenorio Volcanoe National Park of Costa Rica. In addition to the 12,819 hectares of primitive rainforest, its well-known waterfall and the azure lagoon even offer an unworldly seduction to tourists who may feel like lingering in a paradise.
Before leaving Costa Rica, tourists often purchase a souvenir of local characteristics - feather painting, which are generally mounted with paper made from banana leaves and framed, to be an exquisitely decorative elements on wall surface.
The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish.


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