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Martinique Island, located in the very north of the Windward Islands of the Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, is the largest and most picturesque island among the groups of Windward Islands. Martinique is an overseas department of France, with a land area of 1,130 km2 and a population of about 400,000 and its capital located in Fort de France. The terrain on the island is undulating: apart from the central and coastal plains, it mainly consists of volcanic areas, significantly more rockbound compared with the Leeward Islands. Its beaches (composed of black or white or pepper-and-salt colored sands) are surrounded by sugar cane, palm trees, bananas, pineapples and other plants. It was once considered the world‘s most beautiful country by Columbus. Residents here still retain the Creole tradition, so tourists can still experience the original lifestyle in the overseas department of France. In addition, Martinique is also a unique and magical island. Man usually grows tall in his youth but stops in the adulthood. It is strange that not only the residents on the island grow very tall, but the tourists from abroad can also grow a few centimeters taller as long as they live here for some time. So the island is also hailed as "an island that can make a person grow taller" due to such "characteristic". This "honor" proves to be an evident "gospel" for some people who look down upon themselves for short stature. Therefore, Martinique attracts numerous tourists every year, most of whom are shorties from around the world. Shorties will inexplicably grow a few centimeters taller after living on the island for a period, so people also call Martinique “Dwarf’s Paradise”. Martinique received 527,000 hotel tourists and 408,000 cruise visitors in 1996. It gained foreign exchange earnings of USD 384 million from tourism in 1995.


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