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Service Opening Introduction
UnionPay card acceptance  at merchants and ATMs in Canada started in 2009. The toll-free local customer service hotline is 1-877-4706287. At present, the ATM of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce , Scotiabank, and Bank of Montreal, all accept UnionPay bankcards, basically covering the major cities in Canada. For the detailed usage and charging standard, please click the “Tips for using the card” on this page for reference.
Canada Country Profile
Situated in the north of North America, Canada is boundless in territory and developed in economy, and is well-known for its unique natural scenery and cultural diversity, which make the country a mega for tourists worldwide.
Canada has a low population density, with 31.41 million people on a vast territory of 9.98 million km2. It borders US in the south and the boundary line stretches for 50,000 kilometers. The major cities in Canada include eastern city Toronto, Montreal and capital Ottawa, western city Vancouver and Calgary.
Canada boasts unique and splendid natural sceneries. Reputed as the Pearl of North America, Vancouver is the most important port and best-known tourist destination in Canada for its enchanting beaches and verdant mountains. Not far away, the city of Victoria is crowned as the Garden City, where Butchart Gardens enjoy fame far and wide. Calgary lies in the Rocky Mountains, and the nearby Banff National Park is famous for pure glaciers, vast forests and sparkling lakes. Toronto is the largest city and financial center of Canada. The Niagara Fall and Thousand Islands nearby are both world-renowned natural beauty that attract numerous tourists every year. The French-speaking Montero is the second largest city in Canada and is widely known as Paris in North America, and in its proximity, the Quebec City is very much a “French” city.


For ATM accepting IC cards, please click:
Please note some of the overseas ATMs are yet enabled to support IC cards.For details, please contact China UnionPay Customer Service Representative: (mainland of China) or other hotlines (outside mainland of China)