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Layout of ATMs in Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand is located on the North Island, South Island and surrounding small islands in the southwest of the Pacific. Among the world’s national capitals, its capital Wellington is the closest to the South Pole.

New Zealand is full of natural sceneries, so it should be the first choice for people who like countryside views and nature. The most attractive elements of the country are the blue sky, the white clouds and the green grasses. It is a desirable place for skiing, sailing, whaling, hiking, diving, swimming and angling.

There are also many tourist sites worth going in New Zealand including Auckland, the northern warm spring city Rotorua, Taupo, Christchurch and Queen Town. When you have time, you can drive around, and the bustling fairs, Polynesian style architecture and warm-hearted people will make you reluctant to leave.

New Zealand’s time is 4 hours earlier than Beijing, and the official language is Maori, while English is also widely used. The official currency is New Zealand Dollar.


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