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Papua New Guinea, short for "Independent State of Papua New Guinea", belongs to the Melanesia. Located in the southwestern South Pacific Ocean, it is comprised of about 600 islands, including the eastern half of New Guinea and the nearby Bismarck Islands as well as the Bougainville Island. The name of the country consists of two parts, namely, Papua and New Guinea, which are taken from names of Islands. It borders Irian Jaya of Indonesia in the west, and faces Australia across the Torres Strait. Major islands include New Britain Island, New Ireland, Manus Island, Bougainville Island and Buka Island. The overall coastline length is 8,300 kilometers, while the water area, including the 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone, is 2,400,000 square kilometers. As for climate, areas at an elevation of above 1,000 meters enjoy a mountain climate while the rest enjoys a tropical one. Its dry season lasts from May to October while the rainy season from December to April. The average temperature of coastal areas is 21.1~32.2℃, while that of mountains is 5~6℃ lower. The average annual rainfall is 2,500 mm.


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