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French Polynesia, usually referred to as Tahiti, is an island country in South Pacific as well as one of the possessions of France. It is the most-famous holiday resort for honeymoon. With an area of 4,000 km2, it has a population of 264,000, 70% of whom are Polynesians and the rest Europeans and Chinese. The official language is French, while the people of the country speak Reo Tahiti. Most of the inhabitants are Christians. Papeete is its capital.

Located at Southern Latitude 7°~29°, West Longitude 131°~156°, this country is composed of Society Islands, Tuamotu Archipelago, Gambier Islands, Tubuai Islands and Marquesas Islands, etc., which are all to the south of Polynesia Islands. As the largest island among the Society Islands, Tahiti has volcanoes and lagoons. With the tropical rain forest climate, the annual average temperature in Tahiti is 27 ℃ and the annual average precipitation is 1625 mm. Since the scale of industry and agriculture here is very small, its fiscal revenue mainly depends on the aids from France. Due to its rich resource of sea fisheries, it produces fishes and pearl oysters. In 1986, it was discovered that there were high-grade cobalt mines worth exploiting. In Tahiti, the main agriculture and pasture products include desiccated coconuts, fruits, vanillas, coffee, milk and beef etc. The industry mainly consists of coconut oil plants and food and beverage processing plants, etc. The main export products include coconut oil, vanillas, fruits, pearl oysters and so on. Amongst those products, the most famous one is the Tahitian pearl – the black pearl.

Either various islands, Tiki village and lagoons, or the Papeete market and the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands, travelers may choose whatever ways of boarding they prefer, e.g. international hotels, restaurant inns, family resort inns and family hotels, etc. Faa’a Airport is the only international airport and there are also another 40 small-sized airports. The international transportation is provided by aviation companies from France, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, the U.S.A, etc. Currently, there is no direct line service from China to Tahiti. Therefore, it is necessary to take a transfer from Tokyo, Japan or Auckland, New Zealand to get there. The best time for tourism is every July and August.


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