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Covering 103000 square kilometers, the Republic of Iceland is located in the middle of North Atlantic Ocean, close to the Arctic Circle. It’s the second largest island in Europe with the coastline stretching about 4970 kilometers. The weather in Iceland is not as chilly as its name indicates. Impacted by the warm current of Mexico gulf, the weather in Iceland is warmer than other places at the same latitude. The average temperature in winter is about 1 degree and barely exceeds 20 degrees in summer. The sunshine time in Iceland is long in summer and short in winter. Polar lights appear in autumn and the early winter, and there are many volcanoes, terrestrial heat fountains and hot springs. Iceland has over 100 volcanoes, including more than 20 active volcanoes. Hvannadalshnúkur volcano is the highest mountain in Iceland, 2119 meters above the sea level.

Iceland has pure and clean natural environment as well as many amazing natural landscapes, such as the glacier, hot springs, intermittent springs, active volcanoes, ice cap, tundra, ice fields, snow-topped peaks, volcanic hungriness, waterfalls and volcanic vents. According to the ranking of Human Development Index issued by the United Nations Development Program, Iceland is rated as the most livable nation and region in the world.


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