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Turkey traverses Europe and Asia and is called the “cradle of civilizations”. It has a long history of 6500 years and the historic relics of 13 different civilizations at different times. Plus the location that is surrounded by sea on three fronts and the complex inland geographic environment, Turkey possesses extremely rich resources for tourism.
Turkey is also a modern country with first-class tourism service facilities. You can find friendly people, resplendent culture, charming scenery and mysterious fairy tales in Turkey. When you go to the west and south coasts of Turkey, the cultural relics of the ancient Greece and Roman Empire, and even the relics of Christianity will surround you. There are many cities that are worth visiting. Istanbul and Ankara are Turkey’s biggest two cities.
Turkey’s time is 6 hours later than Beijing. The local language is Turkish and the local currency is Turkish Lirasi (TL).


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