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Switzerland is in the middle of Europe. It boasts rich tourist resources and many enchanting terrains. The combination of natural and man-made scenery provides attractions everywhere. Switzerland also has many unique characteristics, such as drawing-like grasslands, grandeur snowy mountains and crystal lakes, which will make tourists reluctant to leave.

Switzerland is fairly small and has a highly developed transportation system, so tourists can arrive at every area of Switzerland easily.

The official languages of Switzerland are: German, French, Italian and Romansh.The local currency is Swiss Franc.

CUP has established the acceptance of CUP card in Switzerland since August, 2006. CUP’s customer service hotline in Switzerland is 0800-561481. You will have to put in code for drawing cash from ATMs, so please check your code before going to Europe. Some ATMs may not have CUP logo on them, so it is recommended that you inquire the shop cashier or bank staff first. ATMs of all banks in Switzerland support inquiry service.


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Please note some of the overseas ATMs are yet enabled to support IC cards.For details, please contact China UnionPay Customer Service Representative: (mainland of China) or other hotlines (outside mainland of China)