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Italy is in the south of Europe, with most of its territory on the Apennine Peninsula stretching into the Mediterranean Sea. It is long in shape, as the Apennine Mountains goes from south to north. The capital is in Rome, the original place of the ancient Roman Empire. It has been the center of Catholicism since the 8th century, and is now the political, cultural and transportation center of Italy. Other famous cities include Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Torino, Genoa and Palermo.

Italy is usually divided into several sections. Milan is the main city in northern Italy, Toscana and states ruled by the former Pope Empire are middle Italy, while states ruled by former Naples Kingdom are called southern Italy. Cicily Island in the south of Italy is the largest in the country and even in the Mediterranean. The Sardinian Island is to the west of Cicily. Many other small islands are strewn around as well.

The scenery in south and north Italy are distinctively different. In the north, the Alpines are covered with snow all year round, showing an extremely elegant flavor. In the south, Cicily Island provides plenty of sunshine and refreshing air. You can enjoy different views.

The official language in Italy is Italian, while French and German are also spoken in certain areas. The local currency is Euro, and the time is 7 hours later than Beijing.


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