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France is the romantic center of Europe. Its long history, culture-rich places of historical interests and countryside views attract tourists from around the world. The amorous flower capital Paris, the charming blue coast, Provence with blossoming lavenders and Bordeaux famous for high quality wines are all tourists’ dream destinations. More than 20 scenic resorts in France have been listed into UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, including the Seine riverside area centering around NOTRE-Dame, Palace of Versailles, le château de Fontainebleau, Chambord Castle and so on.
The capital Paris has  been known as the s the s  been known as the Its long history, culture-rich placity is not only the French political, cultural and economic center, but also a famous tourist resort. There are more than 70 museums in Paris, as well as many historic resorts, churches and squares.
France time is 7 hours later than Beijing. The official language is French, and the currency is Euro.
UnionPay  has established the acceptance of UnionPay card in France since December, 2005.  UnionPayn France customer service hotline is 0800-905942. Currently,  UnionPay cardholders can draw cash in Euro from more than 20 thousand ATMs in France, and  UnionPay card can be used directly for payment in big department stores like Printemps and Galeries Lafayette and DFS like Paris Look, places where Chinese visitors often visit.  UnionPay  has also built strategic partnership with French Tourist Bureau and made  UnionPay  the recommended bank card for Chinese visitors in France.
The French ATMs accepting UnionPay card including following 4 networks


Code is needed for drawing cash from ATM, so please confirm your code before going to Europe. French ATM usually gives back the bank card before sending out the money. Please enter your code while paying by  UnionPay  card, whether it is a debit card or a credit card. If there is no code, please press ress Europe. French ATM usually gives back the bank card bee inguiry service. Some shops or ATMs may not have  UnionPay logo on them, and it is recommended that you inquire the shop cashier or bank staff before use.


For ATM accepting IC cards, please click:
Please note some of the overseas ATMs are yet enabled to support IC cards.For details, please contact China UnionPay Customer Service Representative: (mainland of China) or other hotlines (outside mainland of China)