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Belgium is located in west Europe. Small as it is, it has attractive tourist spots around the country. In its capital Brussels can you find not only the famous battlefield of the Waterloo War, but also offices of many international organizations. Brugge enjoys the fame of being “Europe’s most beautiful scenic city”, and its exquisite architecture and canals that form a net in the city attract more than 2 million visitors every year form Europe and other parts of the world. In the southern mountain city of Namur there are many castles with distinctive styles. Belgium’s coastline is 65 km long, and its wide beaches are all covered with fine sands. The famous Ardenne Highland’s hills and forests are great places for enjoying the nature, and also a good place for skiing in winter. Spa is the famous location fro spring water and warm spring recuperation.

The official languages in Belgium are French and Dutch. The time is 7 hours later than Beijing, while the summer time is 6 hours later than Beijing. The local currency is Euro.


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