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Located in Western Europe, United Kingdom is an island country on the Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of the Great Britain (including England, Scotland and Wales), North Island and many small islands. It lies across the North Sea and the English Channel (La Manche) from the European Continent. Scotland in the north is a mountainous area flush with cattle and sheep; England in the south boasts enchanting natural sceneries and Wales in the west is famous for rugged mountain ridges and green stream valleys. With its capital in London, the UK covers an area of 244,100 square kilometers and has a population of 59,200,000.

The UK is a beautiful country, where you can visit numerous historical sites and cultural relics, and feed your eyes on splendid natural sceneries. Many British cities enjoy global reputations for their rich tourism resources, such as London, “Flower of Cities all”, Edinburgh, “Athens of the North”, the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge, the quaint York and Stratford, hometown of Shakespeare. So far, 14 historical sites and natural sceneries in the UK have been listed as UN World Cultural and natural heritages, including Tower of London, Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), Blenheim Palace (near Oxford) and Canterbury Cathedral. These are all popular destinations among tourists.


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