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Greece is situated at the southeast end of the Balkan Peninsula. Faced by seas on three sides, three quarters of the country are mountainous regions. With varied topographical features, Greece is home to numerous mountains, boundless grasslands and pearl-like harbors.

Greece is a beautiful country with a costal line stretching about 15,000 kilometers. Over 3000 islands are scattered on the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The crisscross harbors, beautiful island sceneries, ample sunshine and soft beach hold a great appeal to tourists. In addition, Greece is also home to numerous places of historic interest, including Acropolis, Temple of Apollo in Delphi, architectural complex of ancient Olympic venues, Cnossus on the Crete Island, Apollo‘s Religious Town on Delos, Epidaurus Theater and Mausoleum of Vergina Macedonia Princess. A visit to Greece will give you an illusion that you are in the mythological world or at Homer ages.


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