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The Kingdom of Sweden is one Nordic country located in the Scandinavia Peninsula, neighboring Norway in the west, bordering on Finland in the northeast, and close to the Baltic Sea and the Kattegat Strait. Sweden is the largest country among five Nordic countries, covering an area of 449,000 km2, most of which are forest and mountain land. Sweden has a population of 8.33 million, and over 85% of the residents live in the southern and central part with developed industry and agriculture. 90% of its population is Swedish. The main religion here is Protestant, while Lord Church features in state religion, having followers accounting for about 90% of its population. The King is the supreme authority of Swedish church. Swedish is its national language, with English as a commercially universal language. Stockholm is the capital.

With extremely favorable social benefits, the living standard of Swedish is reputed as the second in the world. The national personal income is even much higher than that in Japan. Swedish wealth enables it to invest sufficient capital in education and medical treatment. Furthermore, in the aspect of public entertainment, a large quantity of capital is also invested. Thanks to the assiduity and great efforts of Swedish, the industrial output per capita ranks No. 3 in the world, with an individual annual income of USD 19,000 on average. Sweden is one of the countries with the highest individual income worldwide.

Sweden has many internationally far-famed brands, like Volvo cars, Saab cars and weapons, Ericsson Telecommunication, Electrolux Appliance, ABB, Hasselblad Camera, IKEA Furniture, and H&M Apparels, etc. Calculated based on the population proportion, Sweden is the country with most MNCs in the world.


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