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Slovenia is located in the southern part of Middle Europe, neighboring the Alps. The full name of the country is the Republic of Slovenia. It is adjacent to Italy, leading to the Adriatic Sea in the southwest. It is surrounded by Croatia in the east and south. It borders Austria in the north and Hungary in the northeast. It covers an area of 20,273 square kilometers and has population of 2,050,000. Ljubljana is the capital and the biggest city. Before 1991, it was a Union Republic of the former Yugoslavia. On June 25th, 1991, it gained its independence. One Jan. 1st, 2007, it officially joined the Euro zone.

Slovenia lies in the juncture of four geographical zones of Europe: the Alps, the Dinaric, the midstream plain of Danube, and the coastal area of the Mediterranean. The average altitude of the country is 557 meters, and the highest peak is the Triglav, the altitude being 2864 meters. About half of its territory (10,124 square kilometers) is covered by forests. The forest coverage of the country ranks the third in all European countries, ranking after Finland and Sweden. Virgin forests still exist in the country. Besides, the country has meadow of 5593 m², orchards of 363 km² and vineyards of 216km². The coastline of Slovenia is very short, and it is practically an inland country.

The climate of the coastal area of Slovenia is Mediterranean climate while the inland is temperate inland climate. The average in January is -2 °C, and in July 21 °C.


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