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San Marino is an enclave of Italy, completely surrounded by Italy. The official language is Italian. It covers an area of 61.2 square kilometers, with a limited population of less than 30,000. San Marino is a hilly territory; the peak within the territory is Mount Titano in the center, 700 meters above sea level. San Marino is typical of subtropical Mediterranean climate. The annual average temperature is 16 ℃, the lowest temperature in winter is -2 ℃, and the highest in summer is 30 ℃. The average annual precipitation is 880 millimeters.

San Marino is one of the oldest republics in the world, with the “joint heads of state” system adopted since the 13th century. Tourism and stamp issuing are two important sources of national income. Each year millions of tourists swarm into San Marino. Its advanced postal services, novel stamps and ancient coins enjoy a high reputation and wide popularity around the world.


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