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Romania is located in the northeast part of Balkan Peninsula in the southeast Europe. It covers an area of 238,400 square kilometers, and the capital city is Bucharest. It is adjacent to Ukraine and Moldova in the north and the northeast respectively. It borders Bulgaria in the south, Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary in the southwest and northwest respectively. It is adjacent to the Black Sea in the east, the length of the coastline being 245 kilometers. It has diverse terrains. Plains, uplands and hills account for one third of the territory respectively. In January, the average temperature here is -3~2℃ while in winter it is 22~24℃.

Romania has a population of around 22 million which Romanians account for almost 90%. Other major ethnic groups include Hungarians, Roma (also Gypsies), Germanic race, and Ukraine. The official language is Romanian. Residents mainly are Eastern Orthodox Christians or Roman Catholics.

Romania is rich in the tourism resources. Major tourist attractions include Bucharest, beaches of the Black Sea, Danube Delta, northern part of Moldova, middle and western Carpathian Mountains. By 2007, 3900 tourist facilities are established. In 2008, it received 1.47 million foreign tourists. Air lines connecting the capital and other17 domestic cities with most European countries have already established. The major airline company is Romanian Airline Company (TAROM). Altogether there are 6 international airports in the country, the most important one being the Quanta international airport in Bucharest.


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