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Norway is located in the west of Scandinavia. Ever since the 9th century, Norway had been ruled by various small kingdoms, while the aggressive group arrived in the island except for Normandy, Iceland, Greenland, Scotland and Ireland, and the New World Coast. Ultimately Norway was unified in the 12th century and reached its height of medieval prosperity in the 13th century. However, Denmark and Sweden took turns to control Norway after 1397. Norway gained its independence in 1905, with Oslo as its capital and largest city.

Norway (Norwy)——its name is originated from the “way to north”. According to the legend, when the ancient Nordic came to and from Scandinavia, there was one “north way” along the northern coast of the island, hence the name. Norway is one of the most important maritime countries in the world. With its winding coastline, Norway has around 150,000 offshore islands. Thus, it is not only an excellent port but also a tourism spot with beautiful scenery.

From Bergen located in its west coast, you can get a fjord view formed by changes to glacier topography in millions of years, and overlook the beautiful scenery along both banks surrounded by various mountains. It is really a feast for your eyes. As the famous port in Norway, Oslo is surrounded by picturesque scenery of mountains and rivers. It is also the largest economic and cultural center of the country. The Vigeland Park and the Viking Ship Museum etc are all well-known resorts here. And there is also one ski museum with detailed introduction to the history of skiing.

Norway is located in the north, and its most southern point (about 58°north latitude) is even north than the most northern point (less than 54°north latitude) in China. The Arctic Circle passes across the northern Norway. Some cities in the north have no night in June and July, and you can enjoy the midnight sun and the beautiful northern lights there. North Point at the northernmost end is also the northernmost point of European continent.


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