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Principality of Monaco is located in the southwest Europe. Covering an area of 1.95 square kilometers, the whole country is surrounded by France on three sides except the southern coastline of the Mediterranean. It is mainly comprised of the old Monaco city and the surrounding area subsequently built. The territory is mountainous, the altitude of the highest point being 573 meters. The climate in this country is a Mediterranean subtropical one. In 1911, Monaco became a country of constitutional monarchy, the oldest country of monarchism with the right of independence and self-government. The official currency is Euro.
The whole country is divided into four districts: Monaco-Ville, Monté-Carlo, La Condamine and Fontvieille, the most famous being Monté-Carlo. Monté-Carlo has a big casino built in 1878. Although it is just a two-storey building of average size, it enjoys a great reputation around the world. Many tourists are attracted to it throughout the year. The car rally which is named after Monté-Carlo is also widely known. Formula one race sets up branch sites here every May. The course constructed long mountains is winding and zigzagging. Being one of the most challenging F1 course, it is very exciting. In the activity season in every May, thousands of people are attracted to Monaco to enjoy the exciting and cheerful car race event.

Streets in Monaco are clean and wide. The view is clear, bright and refreshing. Although the population density is nearly 15,000 people per square kilometer, ranking the top of all European countries, the combination in the city is spacious and generous, no high-rise buildings. Red roofs, white or light yellow walls, small gardens between buildings, and flowers and trees are frequently seen. Monaco is also a world-class capital of culture. There is Monté-Carlo symphony orchestra, Monté-Carlo Ballet, Monté-Carlo Opera House, and all kinds of cultural activities and special events throughout all 52 weeks of a year. For most people, Monaco represents clubs, car racing, fashion exclusive shops, yachts, luxury hotels, opera houses, swimming pools and bathing beaches where only the rich and celebrities can afford to visit. In addition, with the beautiful scenery, unique charms and fantastic history, Monaco becomes a glamorous tourist attraction.


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