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1. Introduction

Known as the “Heart of the Mediterranean”, Malta is an island country and a famous area for leisure and vocation, which is located at the center of the Mediterranean, 90 kilometers to the south of Sicily, Italy. The whole country is comprised of five islands, namely, the Malta, Gozo, Comino, Cominotto and Filfla. Among them, the Malta, is the largest one which covers an area of 245 square kilometers. The coastline is as long as 180 kilometers. The west part of the Malta is higher while the east is lower. There are a chain of undulating hills and patches of basins among the hills, and no forests, rivers or lakes, which leads to a lack of fresh water.

The country enjoys a Subtropical Mediterranean climate, with an average temperature of 25℃ in summer and 15℃ in winter. The country’s average temperature is 21.3℃ and the highest temperature is 40℃ while the lowest one is 5℃. The average annual precipitation is 560 mm. The rainy season in winter lasts from November to March of the next year.

2. Travel Guide

The capital, Valetta, is a modern city with ancient charms. Many beautifully built Victorian architectures and ancient streets paved with cubes are still reserved in the city. Named after the sixth leader of the Knights of St. John, Le Valette (who was on the throne from 1557 to 1568, as the builder of the city), it is the political, cultural and business center of the country, with a population of more than 10,000. The city is neatly arranged. Streets are straight and architectures along both sides are built with the peculiar white limestone of Malta. The city is also the biggest harbor and entrecote trade center.

3. Scenic spots

Valetta, Ancient Shrine, the catacombs, historical sites in Valetta, Presidential Palace of Malta, Mosta Rotunda, St. John’s Cathedral, Big Harbor, Palace of the Knights, Victorian City, CALYPSO Grottos, relics of St. Shrines.

4. Best season

Malta enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. Having adequate sunshine, it is warm all year round and suitable for traveling most time of the year. In summer, it is a little hot, when wearing thin and breathable clothes is advisable. In winter, the average temperature is usually around 10℃ and a woolen sweater is enough. The tourist season in Malta begins from January and ends in October.

5. Other Information

Official language: English, Maltase

Currency: Euro

Voltage: 220/240 Volt, round three hole socket


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