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The Jersey Island is one of the three British Crown Dependencies. Surrounded by British islands and the European continent, the Jersey Island is located 20 kilometers off the coast of Normandy peninsula, and covers an area of 45 square miles (116.2 square kilometers). it has the largest area and population among the Channel Islands near the French coast in the English Channel. The Jersey Island and the surrounding two groups of uninhabited islands – Minquiers and Ecréhous constitute the Jersey Administrative Region (Bailiwick of Jersey), while the administrative center, St Helier, is a British overseas territory rather than a part of Britain.

North Jersey coast has magnificent cliffs (148 meters [485 feet]) and caves. St. Helier harbor inside the Gulf of St. Aubin is protected by breakwaters. It has little effect on climate from the ocean, with more sufficient sunshine than Guernsey Island. The annual average temperature maintains at 11℃ (52 ℉), with few cold days. Most residents are Norman descendants with Breton parentage. St Helier, St. Clement, Gorey and St. Aubin are residential area. The current government body is the Council of Ministers led by Britain‘s highest executive. Large farms mainly produce dairy products and breed Jersey cows for export, while small farms produce potatoes and tomatoes. Greenhouse cultivation of flowers, tomatoes and vegetables is also important and the tourism industry is well-developed. It has passenger and cargo correspondents with Guernsey, Weymouth (under England) and Saint-Malo (under France), as well as cargo ships with London and Liverpool. Its air lines extend in all directions. Jersey Zoo was built in 1959 to protect endangered animals. And the population on the island is approximately 87,800 (in 2005).

Nominal head of the Jersey Administrative Region is Britain‘s Queen Elisabeth II, replacing Head with Prime Minister. Although defense and diplomatic affairs are entirely managed by the UK, the highly-autonomous Jersey Administrative Region has its own tax and legislative systems, its own House of Representatives, and even issued its own Jersey pounds (its currency is equivalent to Great Britain Pound and can be used in the UK).

History of the Jersey Administrative Region can be traced back to the year of 933, when the Channel Islands was merged by William Longsword, Duke of Normandy to become part of the Duchy of Normandy, and later his descendant became the King of England and also made Channel Islands part of the UK. Although the French recovered the Normandy region in 1204, the Channel Islands was not recovered at the same time, making these islands modern witnessing such medieval historical sites. The Jersey Island and the Guernsey Island were once occupied by German during the World War II from May 1, 1940 to May 9, 1945, which was the only British territory ever controlled by Germany during the World War II.


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