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Isle of Man is a sea island between England and Ireland. It is a British Crown Dependency, and also is one of the three British Crown Dependencies. The island has a long history of autonomous administration, which had its own parliament early in the 10th century, and the capital of it is in Douglas.

Isle of Man is an independent autonomous region in the United Kingdom. It has its own services of income tax, import tax and consumption tax. Its low corporate taxes and individual taxes as well as no inheritance taxes on the island make this region a world-known international offshore business center. Agriculture, fisheries, tourism and other traditional industries have developed steadily on the Isle of Man, with emerging financial and service industries bringing new energy into the island‘s economic prosperity.

Isle of Man has been a territory of the British Crown since 1828. It is 48 km length and 46 km width from north to south, covering an area of 572 square kilometers. The highest point in the central mountain is about 620 meters, while lowlands stand in the north and south. Salby River is the main river. The island boasts beautiful scenery and the tourism industry is the main economic income with hundreds of thousands of tourists coming here each year. Residents on the island cultivate cereals, vegetables, turnips, potatoes, and have cows, sheep, pigs, and poultry animal husbandry. For international arena, this island is best known for the island motorcycle endurance race held every year, which is a road motorcycle race of the World Superbike Championship class. In addition, the tailless Manx cat is another well-known thing originated from the island.


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