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The Guernsey Island is a British overseas territory, one of the three British Crown Dependencies, located in the Channel Islands near the French coast in the English Channel. It forms the Guernsey Administrative Region (Bailiwick of Guernsey) together with a number of surrounding small islands. The Administrative Region covers a total area of 78 square kilometers with a population 63,600 (in 2005) and its capital is located in Saint Peter Port.

The Guernsey Island, the second largest island among the British Channel Islands, 48 km east from Normandy in France, and covers an area of 62 square kilometers. The Guernsey Island has a maritime climate, with extraordinarily rare snow and chilliness. Due to an inadequate supply of fresh water, it is required to extract from seawater as a supplement. Residents are mainly Norman descents. Dairy cows feeding are mainly in the southern highlands, producing the famous Guernsey cattle. Greenhouses are used in vegetable plantations located in the north to produce tomatoes, flowers and grapes, most of which are shipped to England. Travel industry is also developed on the island. Aviation business plays an increasingly important role in economy. The Airport is located in La Villaize. And it has established shipping relations with the Jersey Island , Alderney Island, Sark Island, London, Weymouth and St. Malo (France).


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