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A stone hill covering not so large an area inhabited British citizen who speaks English- which is the Gibraltar peninsula with an area of 5.8 square kilometers in the northeast of the Strait. It is a paradise of the rich: crowded closely with premium hotels, numerous entertainment and gambling facilities attract millionaires from around the world to fight for their own lives.

The Strait of Gibraltar is the strait connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. Lying between southernmost part of Spain and northwest of Africa(5 degrees 36 minutes longitude west, 35 degrees 57 minutes latitude north), it is 58 km long (36 miles) and narrows to 13 km (8 miles) between Marroqui Point in Spain and Cires Point in Morocco. At the strait’s western end, 43 km (27 miles) apart, stand the Trafalgar point in the north and the Spartel point in the south; at the strait‘s eastern end, 23 km (14 miles) apart, stand the Pillars of Heracles in the north and Mount Acho in the right east of Ceuta (Spanish exclave in Morocco) in the south. The Strait is a gap in the arc-shaped belt between Atlas Mountains in North African and the Spanish plateau, with an average depth of 365 meters (1,200 feet). The Strait usually sees a eastern wind or western wind, and the cold air mass blowing from the north to the west forms lower high-speed eastern wind which is locally known as the levanter. A 2-section flow rate of surface currents from the Atlantic Ocean flows eastward through the Strait into the Mediterranean Sea, with its flow rate greater than the heavier, colder and salty ocean currents at about 122 meters depth flowing westward, so the presence of the Strait helps to prevent the Mediterranean becoming a shrinking Salt Lake. The Pillars of Heracles is a symbol of the western end of the ancient world. As the Strait has been of great strategic and economic value, it was used by navigators in the Atlantic Ocean in the early times, and it is still a major access to southern Europe, North Africa and West Asia via the Atlantic Ocean.


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