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Located in Scandinavian Peninsula, Denmark, also known as the Kingdom of Fairy Tales, consists of many islands, most notably Jylland, Fyn and Sjælland. Denmark boasts the largest city of the northern Europe - Copenhagen and the world’s largest island - Greenland. Denmark is home to a large sum of well-known brands and fine crafts, such as the Carlsberg (beer), the delicate silverware, elegant china as well as glittering and translucent glassware.

Denmark has perfectly integrated tradition with modernity. The country is not only full of beautiful idyllic sceneries, but also flourishing and prosperous modern cities. The age-old castles, faddish skyscrapers and dynamic jazz music add charms and attractions to Denmark.


Denmark is also a country of long history. The Kingdom of Denmark once reached its peak as early as the 10th century and England and Norway were controlled by monarch of Denmark at that time. The Denmark’s flag, a red flag with a white Scandinavian cross, could be dated back to over eight hundred years ago. People are usually stunned by Denmark’s throngs of cultural relics and historic sites, ranging from prehistory to modern era. The sites, such as Frederiksborg Slot (also known as the Palace of Crystal) with abundant collections and Rosenborg Castle, a castle built with red bricks, are included in the places of attraction list.


However, Denmark becomes world famous not because of its long history or the heavenly sceneries, but the long-lasting fairy tales. People will have no difficulty in finding the fairy tales anywhere in Denmark. The Little Mermaid statue – a mermaid bronze statue created according to Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the Daughter of Sea, has become the symbol of Denmark. The statue depicts a daughter of sea with head lowered and it seems that she is indulging in her own happiness and memory. The statue tells the people of Hans Christian Andersen’s classics in a silent way. Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales are glories to each Danes. These beautiful stories endow children with limitless space for imagination and children also learn the truth, goodness and beauty in the fairy tale world. The fairy tales has filled Denmark – the well-known Kingdom of Fairy Tales with warm memory of childhood.


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