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Located in the middle of Europe, Czech Republic covers an area of 78,900 km2, equivalent to approximately half size of Shanxi Province in China. Czech Republic is one landlocked country neighboring Poland, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany, with plateau in the northwest, Carpathian Mountains in the east and river valley in the middle. River Vltava flows from south to north through the capital Prague. With chains of mountains undulating within the territory of Czech, the stretching forest and wilderness form picturesque scenery with pleasant climate all year round. Czech has a population of around 10 million, with Czech race as the major, mainly Catholic. The official language is Czech. The People of the country are highly educated, 70% of whom understand foreign languages.

On December 31st, 1992, Czech separated from Slovakia, and Czech Republic was officially established. Czech Republic joined OECD in 1994 and NATO in 1999, and officially joined EU on May 1st, 2004. Czech is well developed in industry and agriculture. Before World War II, Czech Slovak Republic used to be one of 10 countries worldwide with greatest development potential. During the former socialistic period, Czech Slovakia had reached the world advanced level in various industries like chemical, mechanical, military, aviation, and textile, etc.

After 1990, Czech started its dramatic economic reforms for transition to the market economy. Thanks to its sound industrial base, well educated labor force, strong R&D capability, combined with light historical burden, its transition to the market economy is relatively smooth, bringing further economic development. Therefore, Czech is deemed as the country with greatest development potential among Central and Eastern European countries. Its long-term development potential is highly appreciated by the international investment community. Many scholars and experts believe that Czech will become the economic bridge between Eastern and Western Europe and also a strong competitor.


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