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Belarus is situated in the centre of Europe, and has international borders with five countries:Russia ,Ukraine ,Poland ,Lithuania ,Latvia.

Although a landlocked state, the location has made Belarus an important trade and transport route between Europe and the CIS.

The total land area of Belarus is more than 207,000 square kilometers.

Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is located in the centre of the country.

Minsk today is a modern international city. The first recorded mention of the city goes back to 1067.

Over the course of its chequered history, Minsk has been destroyed and rebuilt numerous times, most recently after World War 2, when it was almost completely destroyed.

More than 1.8 million people live in Minsk today. It has excellent transport links including Minsk airport, several major train stations, the Minsk metro underground network, and a well-developed road system.

Belarus has a rich cultural heritage. If you’re in search of a night of Belarusian music or want to see some Belarusian art, you won’t be disappointed.

Most towns have theatres, museums and art galleries. Belarus’ amateur artistic groups are internationally respected and you can find performances around the country.

Recreation in Belarus is very important. Belarusian people love the outdoors and the cities of Belarus have plenty of parks and open spaces.

People in Belarus are also passionate about sport, and there are many high-quality sporting facilities throughout the country including: swimming pools ,ski resorts ,sports grounds.

Every year, lots of outdoor activities and events are arranged throughout the country:popular sports events ,festivals ,folk holidays ,fairs.

The Belarus landscape is a major source of pride for the Belarusian people and there are five renowned national parks across the country. One of these – Belovezhskaya Pushcha - has been recognised as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The official language is Russian and the currency is Byelorussian Ruble.


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