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Charming subtropical scenery, extensive Buddhist culture and unique national custom make Thailand famous and appealing to tourists worldwide.

Dubbed “yellow gown Buddhist Country”, Thailand is an ancient civilized country with more than two thousand years of Buddhist history. On Thailand’s beautiful and rich land, there are more than 30 thousand ancient temples with numerous myths and splendid palaces. Thai temples have magnificent facades and have exquisite embellishments, thus enjoying the fame of “Thailand’s Art Galleries”. They are Thailand’s national treasure and concentrate the essence of the Thai culture. 90% of Thais believe in Buddhism, and there are also various forms of traditional arts. Thailand is the top tourism country in Southeast Asia.

Thailand’s mountain areas are covered with dense forests, inside which there are many rare plants and animals. Thailand‘s government has set some natural forest areas as natural protection zones and established forest parks. The air in forests is very fresh, making there an ideal place for forest bathing. Climate in Thailand is like spring all year round, together with falls, lakes and all kinds of birds and animals, which attract groups of tourists coming one after another.

Thailand’s time is one hour later than Beijing, and the local international phone code is 66. The local currency is Thai Bhat, or THB in short.

Thailand’s major tourist cities and tourist areas are Bangkok, the “City of Angel”; Chiang Mai, the Buddhist sacred land; Pattaya, the “Oriental Hawaii”; Phuket Island, the “Pearl of Thailand”; Samui Island, the island covered with coconut trees; and Ayuthaya, the most formidable city, etc.


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