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Singapore is a metropolitan city emitting different kinds of charms, and shopping is undoubtedly one of them. With the acceptance of CUP cards in Singapore, Chinese visitors will be able to enjoy more conveniences and preferential treatments while shopping there.

Singapore is a tropical country with a daytime temperature between 29-34 Celsius degrees. During the nighttime, the temperature is between 23-26 Celsius degrees. Many people describe the weather of the Lion City as “summery all year round, while one rain will send you into autumn.” Generally speaking, the two monsoon seasons from every December to March and from June to September will have much rainfall.

Singapore has an advanced transportation system, with metro system connecting every corner of the city. Passengers can sit comfortably in clean and air-conditioned cars and arrive at major business areas directly and efficiently. The operation time of metro and buses is from 6 am till midnight. A 10 Singapore-dollar visitor daily ticket will enable a visitor to take 12 bus/ metro trips without distance limitations. Compared with other cities, Singapore’s taxi charge is also very reasonable.

The business hours of most shopping centers and shops are from 10 am till 10 pm. Apart form the first two days of the lunar calendar, most shops operate during public holidays. Normally speaking, tips are not a custom. However, customers enjoying dinners at restaurants must pay 10% service fee and 7% consumption tax.

The world famous “shopping paradise” is like a huge shopping center, with Orchard Road being the must-visit shopping venue attracting many foreign visitors every year. From Tanglin Road to the Marina Bay at the southern tip of Singapore, huge malls stand one after another, which will undoubtedly make visitors enjoy and forget to return. Singapore is also the base of duty-free luxury, cutting-edge technological products and fashion clothes. It has been widely acknowledged as one of the best places to search for high-tech equipments and cosmetics with reasonable prices.

Sentosa Resort is also Singapore’s most famous tourist resort.


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