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Malaysia consists of Malaya in the southern part of the Malay Peninsula, Sarawak and Shaba. Locating between 1°-7° of the north latitude, Malaysia is a tropical country. It boasts plenty of sunshine, comfortable weather, many high-quality beaches, esoteric islands, primitive jungles, rare animals and plants, caves of various shapes, ancient traditions, relics of long history and rich culture, as well as modern cities.

Malay language is the national and official language of Malaysia, with English being the lingua franca and mailing language. Other languages like Chinese, Tamil and some tribal languages. Malaysia is in the same time zone as China. Malaysia’s currency is Ringgit Malaysia.

Major scenic spots: Redang Island: A romantic tropical island and also the favorite resort for lovers. Sabah: This will be the most exciting stop in Malaysia for nature-loving tourists. Kuala Lumpur: A metropolitan with diversified exotic flavors. Langkawi: One of the most famous holiday paradises of Southeast Asia.


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