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South Korea is in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, with Japan to its southeast across the Korean Channel, the Yellow Sea on its west and North Korea on its north. Korean characters were created at the end of the 14th century, and the Korean people have made outstanding achievements in astronomy, medicine and many other fronts.

More than one fourth of the country’s population live in its capital Seoul. Visitors can experience the modernity of the country beside the skyscrapers along the Han River. At the same time, the traditional Korean style tile buildings endow people with a sense of antiquity with their beautiful architectural lines. Seoul attracts visitors from around the world with its life-reflecting markets and dynamic traditional dances.

South Korea is a solemn and mysterious country that combines the new with the old. Visitors in South Korea will find that the modern country that once held 1988 Summer Olympics still carries the essence of ancient oriental culture: the ancient palaces of various dynasties, majestic ancient city gates and quiet temples.

The language in use in South Korea is Korean and the legal currency is Korean Wom. South Korea’s time is one hour earlier than Beijing, and its international telephone code is 0082.

Major scenic spots: Kyongju: With characteristic paintings, exquisite stone carvings and essence of Buddhist buildings, Silla’s thousand-year-long ancient capital Kyongju is called a “museum without walls”. Pusan: Pusan is always bustling with people, fish and seafood cramming markets and streets, and it is a typical port city. Cheju Island: The unique natural scenery, history and culture of the forefathers, plus the folklores of more than 18 thousand ghosts and spirits make every grass and every inch of land filled with nimbus. Seoul: Capital Seoul consists of energetic people, bustling city, charming natural scenery and rich historical and cultural backgrounds.

CUP has established the acceptance of CUP card in South Korea since January, 2005. CUP’s South Korea customer service hotline is 0079-814-800-7159. Currently, 10 thousand POS terminals carry CUP logos and more than 7 thousand ATMs accept CUP card, mostly located in Seoul, Pusan, Cheju Island and Inchon.

Starting from June 2, 2008, Lotte Duty Free Store at Incheon Airport has begun the acceptance of CUP card. Up to now, all duty-free stores at Incheon Airport, including AK Duty Free Store, Duty Free Korea, Silla Duty Free Store, have accepted the purchase with CUP cards. Duty-free stores at Incheon Airports are now non-barrier area for CUP cards. CUP card will bring you convenience while allow you to shop to your heart’s content.


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