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Japan is made up of four big islands, namely Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu and Kyushu, and thousands of small islands. It has a long and tortuous coastline and beautiful scenery with rug hills and networks of rivers.

There are snow-covered lakes inside mountains, canyons with esoteric stone formations, swiftly-running rivers, tall mountains, majestic falls and warm springs of various sizes in Japan. These enchanting sightseeing scenic spots attract huge numbers of visitors to Japan all year round.

Sakura is Japan’s national flower. Japanese see sakura as the symbol of their national spirit, because blossoming sakuras are extremely resplendent yet sad, and the time they fully bloom is also the time they wither.

The country is covered with sakura trees. Every spring, sakuras in Japan blossom one after another from south to north, thus forming a moving line of blooming flowers. Japanese call this phenomenon of the north-moving of blossoming area as “Sakura Front”, and everyone hopes that the front can arrive at where they live as quickly as possible.

Japan is also known as the “nation of volcanoes and earthquakes”. It has more than 200 volcanoes, around 1/3 being active ones. Although this has led to the frequent occurrence of earthquakes in Japan,it also gives Japan the advantage of rich geo-thermo resources and numerous warm springs. During the winter, it is extremely relaxing to merge yourself in the warm spring water and enjoy the world of snow world. You can also enjoy all kinds of traditional treatments using warm spring water.

Japan’s time is one hour earlier than Beijing, and its international code is 81.

Major scenic spots: Kyoto: Japanese’ homeland of hearts that is rich in Japanese flavor; Tokyo: Capital of Japan and also one of the world’s biggest cities; Okinawa: an international trade and harbor city that attracts visitors from around the world. Opera “Madame Butterfly” uses Okinawa as its setting. Osaka: the gateway of ancient capital Nara and Kyoto. Several generations of Japanese emperors once set capitals in Osaka, leaving behind many antique scenic spots.

CUP has established the acceptance of CUP cards in Japan since December, 2005. CUP’s Japan customer service hotline is 0044-2213-2369. Currently, 50 thousand ATMs in Japan accept CUP cards, including Japan Post Bank, Seven Bank, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (outlet of the former FUJ Bank), AEON Credit Service, etc. Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank and AEON Credit Service’s CUP-card-accepting ATMs have all installed Chinese interfaces. For cash withdrawal from AEON Credit Service’s ATMs will not charge commission. To withdraw cash from other ATMs commission will be charged ranging from 75-110 Japanese Yen. Japan Post Bank’s ATMs currently don’t support the inquiry function.


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