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Tajikistan is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Asia. It shares borders with Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and China to the east. Mountains cover over 90% of the country. Tajikistan has an area of 143,100 square kilometers. The climate of Tajikistan is continental, hot summers, mild winters. At Tajikistan‘s lower elevations, the average temperature range is 23° to 30° C in July and -1° to 3°C in January. In the eastern Pamirs, the average July temperature is 5° to 10°C, and the average January temperature is -15° to -20°C.

The population of Tajikistan is 7,627,200 (July 2011 est.). Most of Tajikistan‘s population belongs to the Tajik ethnic group, who share culture and history with the Persian peoples and speak the Tajik language. Tajik is an official language in the country, though Russian widely used in government and business. The legal currency is Somoni, it is subdivided into 100 Diram.

Dushanbe is the capital and largest city of Tajikistan, population almost 700,000 people.Khujand, Kulob, Qurgonteppa, Khorugh are other big cities of the country. There are two international airports in the country, one is in Dushanbe, the other is in Khujand.


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