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Occupying an area of about 36,000 square kilometers (14,400 square miles), Taiwan Island is located to the southeast of the Asian Continent and is separated from Fujian Province by the Taiwan Strait. To its northeast are the Ryukyu Islands, and the Philippines lie to its south, Thanks to its highly developed transportation network, Taiwan is not only the transportation hub of the Asia Pacific Region, but also an easily-accessible tourist resort.

The various historical backgrounds lead to a diversified development of culture and race in Taiwan, which allows south Fujian people, Hakka people and many aboriginal peoples to co-exist and flourish here. As for languages, Mandarin is the primary language of Taiwan, and the south Fujian dialect (commonly known as "Taiwanese") can also be used as many habitants here are South Fujian people. Besides, the Hakka dialect of Hakka people (with a relatively small population) and those dialects unique to the aboriginal peoples are still used today. English is the most commonly used foreign language in Taiwan. The religions here include Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and Islamism. Apart from the traditional faiths of Taiwan, some foreign religions are also accepted. Following a uniform pattern and incorporating a variety of craftsmanship, the religious constructions like temples showcase the spectacular visual beauty, as well as the combination of thoughts and belief through art. Furthermore, Taiwan is dubbed as the “Heaven of Gourmet” as you can find any kind of food and local specialties here. The diversified architectural styles, delicious local specialties and many other local customs will make your visit memorable for a lifetime, and of course, lead to further visits in the future.

For climate, Taiwan’s annual average temperature is about 22℃,with the lowest level at 12-17℃ (54- 63℉). The warm and comfortable climate here all year around makes it a perfect destination for tourists. As for natural ecology, all the scenic spots typical of different countries in Taiwan have many kinds of special topographic landscapes, with the main tourist attractions including the Taroko National Park (Gorge), the Yangmingshan National Park (Tatun Volcano Group), the Alishan National Scenic Area (Taiwania cryptomerioides), and the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area. Moreover, tourists to Taiwan will always find surprises as the island is surrounded by the sea and rich in marine ecology.

The shopping districts in Taipei, Taizhong, and Kaohsiung are fully-fledged, which can satisfy the needs of various tourists.


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