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Qatar, an Arab state in southwest Asia, is located in Qatar Peninsula in the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf, and borders United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. With a 550 km long coastline, it has a tropic desert climate, and is rich in petroleum and natural gas resources. It ranks the 3rd in the world in respect of the total reserves of natural gas, and the 1st in respect of per capita GDP.


Much of this country consists of plains and deserts, with a slightly high terrain in west. Here, it has a tropic desert climate, and is hot and dry, and humid in the coast. In this country, there are not obvious four seasons, in which summer ranging from April to October is the longest season in a year and winter is cool and dry. The temperature of up to 45 happens in July to September and the annual mean precipitation reaches only 125 mm. Additionally, Qatar is poor in underground water resources.


People of Qatar are particular about catering. They stress the combination of food color, flavor and taste, and like cooking mildly spicy fine food of high quality and small quantity and having light food. During having breakfast, locals habitually add several drops of golden, green olive oil on cheese or yogurt, and dot them with some green or black small olive to deliver the characteristic of combining color, flavor and taste.


Note: In Qatar, it is strictly prohibited to eat pork, drink alcohol, smoke and gamble. If any one violates these rules, he will be severely punished, with foreigners being no exception. This case is similar to that in other Islamic countries.


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