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Palestine lies in the northwest of Asia. Covering the vital communication lines of Europe, Asia and Africa, it has important strategic position. Facing Mediterranean Sea in the west, it is bordered by Lebanon on the north, Syria and Jordan on the east, Sinai Peninsula of the Egypt on the southwest and the Gulf of Aqaba on the south. The coastline is as long as 198 kilometers. There are plains along the coastwise of the Mediterranean Sea in the west, flat uplands in the south, Jordan River valleys, low-lying lands of the Dead Sea and Arabian valleys in the east. The Galilee Mountain, Mount Samali and Mound Judi run through the center of the country. With an elevation of 1,208 meters, the Jebel Jarmak is the peak of the country. The enjoys the tropical Mediterranean climate, being dry and hot in summer and warm and humid in winter.

Main scenic spots in Palestine: Old Jerusalem, Christian Quarter, Ibrahim Grand Mosque in Hebron, Hisham‘s Palace in Jericho, Crusader Castles in Ramallah, the Byzantine Church in Gaza, the Dead Sea.


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