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  Nepal, (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal) is located in the middle of the southern foot of the Himalayas, bordering north side with China Tibet and bordering west, south and east with India. Nepal has the area of 14.7 kilometer square with the border of 2,400 kilometer. Because of its special narrow terrain in between China and India, Nepal plays as the role of military buffer zone between China and India.

Nepal is reputed as “mountains country” with mountains overlap, within the multi-peak, Mount Everest in the Nepal border. North of the country is divided into northern, central and southern climate zone. Northern cold season minimum temperature reaches -41 ℃, and southern highest temperature reaches 45 ℃. Nepal’s capital is Kathmandu, located in a green valley at the southern foot of the Himalayas, known as the "Spring City." Kathmandu is also reputed for its famous temples in the world, the most famous Brahma Temple and other magnificent pagoda that attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year.


Nepal has a long history, testablished the dynasty in B.C 6th century. In May 2008, Nepal Constituent Assembly abolished the monarchy, since then, the 240-year-old Shah dynasty in Nepal ended and King Gyanendra became a civilian. Nepal has population of 26 millions people and is the world’s only Hindu country with 86.5% Hindus. Nepali is the national language and English is common used in upper social class. The currency of Nepal is Nepalese rupee (NPR), 1 USD is converted into about 80 NPR, and 1 RMB is converted into about 10NPR.


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