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Mongolia located in central Asia, bordering China in the East, South and West, and Russia in the North. It occupied an area of 1.5665 million square kilometers and having a population of about 3 million, with an average population density of 1.5 people per sq km. Of the total population, urban residents account for 80%, while the Ulan Bator residents account for 1/4. In March 2006, Mongolia was officially recognized as an overseas tourism destination for Chinese citizens.

According to the data analyze from World Tourism Organization 794,386 Mongolian traveled to China in 2010. China is the first choice of destination which Mongolian prefers to. Compared with 2009, Mongolian traveled to China increased by 37.75% in 2010. Most visitors from East Asia Pacific region and the European love to travel to Mongolia.

Capital Ulan Bator in Mongolia means "red hero". Itis a municipality and the largest city, whichis the political, economic, cultural and transportation hub too.In recent years the Mongolian economic develops rapidly and urban constructionchanges witheachpassingday. There are 400 new cars each day in Ulan Bator to get the registration.This city is building many modern skyscrapers, the international brand hotels, entertainment parks, etc. Mongolia has 14 commercial banks and established payment card business since 1999. 9 banks are issuing payment card and accepting card. KhanBank of Mongolia and GolomtBank of Mongolia is the largest bank issuing and acquiring UnionPay card. In addition to Mongolia local products in supermarkets and department stores, Mongoliahasgot all materials over world, mainly from Russia, Germany, etc. Mongolia legal currency is Tugrik, 1 RMB yuan is about 209 Tugrik. There is no time difference between Mongolia and Beijing.

Mongolia is a young and dynamic place, different as most aging cities in the world, Ulan Bator gets most young people. They follow international trend and fashion, they are ebullient and energetic, they work hard and their life is full of confidence!

Mongolian prairie still keeps her original beauty and purity. Mongolian is not only "Nation on Horsebacks", but also who is driving the various imported high-grade jeeps to graze and visit friends. Mongolian has great hospitality. If you pass through their yurt, they will warmly please you to drink a bowl of kumisswhich would be sacrificed when worshipping their ancestors and deities, and would be served when friends come afar. They use kumissexpressed the Mongolian people‘s enthusiasm.


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