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Located in the south of west Asia and on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon not only presents its beauty in poems, but also shows its charm to every tourist. In Lebanon, there are miles of rolling mountains, densely wooded forestry, blue sea and sky, which are quite different from the Arab world covered with deserts and Gobi as what most people imagined. Lebanon has a pleasant climate all year round. During the transitional period of winter and spring, due to the obvious temperature gap between the mountain areas and the coast, tourists can go skiing on the mountains and go swimming in the sea in one day. The gleaming snows on the mountain ski field and the colorful umbrellas crowding the sand beach form unique sceneries of Lebanon. Its capital Beirut deserves the reputation of “Paris of the Middle East”. White and red buildings are embedded in the blue Mediterranean Sea and green mountains. Ruins, relics and old buildings at tourist resorts such as Byblos and Baalbek not only symbolize the history and culture of thousands of year, but also add unique mysterious atmosphere and romantic taste to Lebanon.


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