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Laos, the only inland country in Southeast Asia, is located in the east of Indo-China Peninsula. It is covered with mountains and forests. The amount of elephants excesses that of any other animals in the country, so it is also known as “the country of elephants”. Its natural sceneries and unique customs charm tourists. It borders China in the north, Cambodia in the south, Viet Nam in the south, Burma in the northwest and Thailand in the southwest. 80% of its territory is covered by uplands and plateaus, and most of them are covered by forests. So it is known as “Indo-China Ridge”. The terrain is high in north and low in south. The northern part borders Western Yunnan Plateau in China. The border of Laos and Viet Nam in the east is the plateau formed by Truong Son Ra. In the west are Mekong Valleys and basins and small pieces of plateau along its branches. From the north to south, the whole country is divided into three parts: the up Laos, the middle Laos and the down Laos. The terrain in up Laos is the highest, the altitude of Xiangkhoang, Plateau de being 2000 to 2800 meters. And the altitude of highest peak, the Bia peak, is 2820 meters. 1900 meters of the biggest river, the Mekong River which originates from China, runs through the west.

The major economy is natural economy in Laos. People here are true and simple. They lead a leisurely life and are self-sufficient. Because most people are Buddhists, people around the country get along well each other, and hardly any thefts or robberies are seen here. Laotians employ simple and light diets which are seasoned by flavors. People from other countries find it difficult to get used to the tastes, however, they are really flavorful. Due to the long history of colony, some European styles still remain in the style of architectures and popular life style, drinking imported wines, having western style meals and using knives and forks, for example. Knives, forks and plates are used even in authentic Laotian restaurants. There are many high-end hotels and private hotels in the capital and all tourist attractions, and these places are easily accessible. Cabs in the streets are very special. With all directions ventilated, it is cool sitting in them.

The territory of Viet Nam is S-shaped. The length from the north to south is 2000 kilometers. Its capital is Hanoi. Lying in the area of low latitude, it has a typical subtropical expression in Southeast Asia. Nowadays, tourism has become a mature industry in the country; millions of tourists from all around the world come to this country which is integrated with mystery in the orient and the romance of France.

The unique scenery in Viet Nam is impressive, ranging from the ancient royal city in the millennium civilization in the Orient to the western Catholic church of hundreds of years, from cruel war museum to the peaceful Buddhist pagoda, from hilarious tourist gathering areas to extending coastline. The official language is Vietnamese, and the currency is VND. Here is one hour behind Beijing, and the international calling code is 84.

Major tourist attractions: Hue, an ancient royal city full of history signs; Ho Chi Minh City, an important tourist city in the south of the country, which is known as the “oriental Paris”; Hanoi, the capital city of Viet Nam; Haiphong,it seems mountains and waters in Guilin are moved here.


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