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Covering an area of 198,500 km2, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan is an inland country of Central Asia, adjacent to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, west and south respectively and Xinjiang, China in the east. The Republic of Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country with a minimum altitude of over 500m where 90% of its territory is over 1,500m sea level and 1/3 of its territory is 3,000m~4,000m sea level. Kyrgyzstan has been honored as “a mountainous oasis” for its wide varieties of animals and around 4,000 types of plants. The average temperature of most of its valleys is -6℃ in January and 15~25℃ in July. Bishkek, the Capital of Kyrgyzstan, is located in the valley of Chu He River at the foot of Kyrgyz Mountain and is known as an ancient place of strategic importance and famous city in Central Asia. With a population of 5.3 million people, Kyrgyzstan has more than 80 nationalities, including Kyrgyz accounting for 65% of the total population, Uzbeks 14%, Rusos 12.5%, Dungans 1.1%, Ukrainians 1%, and many others such as Koreans, Uyghur, Tajikistan etc. 70% of the Kyrgyz residents believe in Islamism, most of which are Sunni believers, followed by Orthodox Church or Catholic. Its national language is Kirghiz. In December, 2001, Kyrgyz president issued a constitutional amendment order, giving Russian the official language status of the country.


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