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Terms of Use for UnionPay Website

UnionPay’s website related websites aim at providing you with information, services and references. You can browse information, download materials and use other functions of the website. While browsing UnionPay website, following terms (later referred to as “Terms of Use”) and applied laws must be conformed to unconditionally. UnionPay may update information of the website and modify the terms at any time. You can visit the website regularly to get the latest information on modified terms.

I. Copyright Declaration

1. Apart from special declarations, the copyright of all contents of this website, including the structure, website designing, characters and words, pictures and other information, belongs to UnionPay. No other individual or party is allowed to mirror the contents onto other non-UnionPay website servers or conduct illegal use of the contents thorough any other means.

2. The copyright of customer downloads from this website belongs to the software or documents of UnionPay. Any other person or party can download or use these contents through methods permitted by this website, and should not copy or use the contents for other business purposes out of the permission.

3. For software or documents that do not belong to UnionPay but whose download addresses are provided, this website is only providing relevant links for your convenience. Users should follow the terms of use set by the copyright owner of the software or documents.

4. The copyright of contents and pictures designed, written and produced by this website belongs to UnionPay. Any other person or party must obtain written documents from UnionPay and quote the source and the copyright label of UnionPay before reprinting or using the contents in other means.

5. UnionPay reserves the right to adopt legal methods to ascertain the responsibility of any behavior that use the contents of this website without citing the source and the permission of this website in violation of the laws and regulations of the country, disrespect this “Terms of Use”.

II. Trademark Right Declaration

1. “银联”, “银联 and tricolor shape”, “UnionPay 银联 and tricolor shape” and any other characters, words, shapes and visible signs that are used to mark UnionPay and its related businesses are trademarks of UnionPay. UnionPay enjoys the legally-protected trademark right of the aforementioned marks. Any other person or party is not allowed to modify, copy or use the aforementioned trademarks in any other means without permission.

2. Any behavior that tries to dilute or uglify the aforementioned trademarks is against the law. UnionPay reserves the right to ascertain the legal responsibility of the aforementioned behaviors.

III. Reprinting Declaration

Part of this website’s contents is provided by other organizations, institutes or persons. The copyright of these contents belong to corresponding providers. This website is quoting, extracting or reprinting the third-party contents only for the purpose of communication or reference, while UnionPay has nothing to do with the views or information in the contents.

IV. Linking Policy

1. Links from this website to website out of UnionPay:

under some circumstances, this website will provide links to other websites on the Internet. The purpose of this is to help you collecting relevant information and add convenience to your website use. UnionPay has devoted to the selection of website sources with excellent reputation to help its users.

Nevertheless, unless UnionPay has declared the cooperation relationship with related website, the link provided by  should not be seen as that UnionPay agrees with, recommend, acknowledge or promote any service or product provided by the website, nor should it be seen as that UnionPay has any form of cooperation with the website.

If the linked website provides downloadable software, the link is set only for your convenience. If you encounter any difficulty or prUnionPayoblem when downloading the software, or suffer any influence because of the downloading, UnionPay should not be held accountable. Please remember that software downloaded from the Internet may subject to the regulations and constraints of its copyright terms. Violation of these terms of copyright may lead to infringement of the intellectual property right of the copyright owner of the software, for which UnionPay should not be held accountable.

When you click on a link, you will leave the UnionPay website and enter into another website, whose terms of use must be observed.

2. Links from this website to branch of UnionPay or other UnionPay business websites:

This website also provides links from this website to branch of UnionPay or other UnionPay business websites for your use in special areas or for special purposes. The products and services are provided only for persons in or living in the judicial jurisdiction. Some web pages or services of UnionPay website may have individual terms of use as appendix to this “Terms of Use”. If there any conflict, individual terms of uses apply to related web pages or services.

3. Links from other websites to this website:

You must obtain written agreement from UnionPay before establish links in any form from a third party website to this website. UnionPay has the right to decide whether to approve the link. Generally speaking, UnionPay will only allow links that are shown only under the name of UnionPay. Under special circumstances will UnionPay allow its corporate mark and trademarks be used or shown by links. At the same time, UnionPay has the right to decide whether the use of its corporate mark, corporate name or trademarks should be charged and the charge rates.

Links to UnionPay’s website established by any third party does not suggest that it has any form of cooperation with UnionPay or has been acknowledged by UnionPay, so UnionPay will not be held accountable for any harm or loss suffered by you or any other third party caused by using these links. For links established with UnionPay’s agreement, UnionPay reserves the right to call off the agreement at any time and has the right to require the cleaning of any link to this website.

You may risk entering into fake websites when entering this website through links provided by other websites, so it is suggested that you adopt safer means (eg. type in UnionPay’s address directly in your browser’s address bar) to visit this website.

V. Privacy Protection Declaration

Following policies on privacy protection are made for effective protection of information provided to this website:

1. Information collected by this website is limited only to the necessary materials for UnionPay to understand your needs and operate business. These include personal information and non-personal information. Personal information refers to information for personal identity, such as name, address, e-mail address, age, etc. Non-personal information refers to information not related to personal identity, such as browser type, IP address, cookies, etc. UnionPay will only collect your personal information with your consent so as to provide better services. When you browse this website, UnionPay may also automatically collect some your non-personal information.

2. UnionPay sets strict security system to prevent any unauthorized person, UnionPay staff included, to obtain your information. All UnionPay staff and any other third party are required to strictly keep the confidentiality when obtaining your personal information with permission.

3. UnionPay may provide your relevant information to its cooperative partners that provide combined services with UnionPay, while at the same time the partner should also keep confidentiality of your information.

4. In situations defined by laws, such as required by legal institutions, supervisory institutions and other relevant organizations, UnionPay may provide your relevant information.

VI. Non-commitment Items

1. When taking excerpts or reprinting information and materials for this website, UnionPay strictly follows the principles set by copyright-related laws, regulations and judicial explanations of our country, and has been doing its best to be careful. Nevertheless, UnionPay does not make any promise no violation of intellectual property right by the aforementioned information and materials, its security, accuracy or no-infringement of computer virus. When browsing this website, anyone who has found infringement of property right by relevant information and materials, please notify the network administrator. If the infringement is confirmed, this website will immediately clear the relevant information within the scope of its responsibility.

2. UnionPay does not shoulder any responsibility for any loss incurred because of the contents of this website or relying on the materials of this website. Nor will it shoulder any responsibility for any loss incurred because of the insufficiency and incompleteness of materials provided by this website.

3. Internet transmit is subject to interferences like interruption, delay or data mistakes. UnionPay shoulders no responsibility for the inaccuracy or untimeliness of data and trade caused by transmit equipment breakdowns that are out of the control of UnionPay.

4. Materials and contents obtained on other websites through the links from this website are provided only for your browsing and reference. Please make judgments on the relevant contents, and UnionPay does not shoulder any responsibility.

5. When local laws have compulsory regulations on the limit and exemption of responsibility, local laws should apply.

VII. Users’ responsibility of Confidentiality Keeping

When the user want to become a member through registration, UnionPay’s website will ask you to choose an account and a password. You can use your account only through your password. You should take reasonable measures to prevent the password from being stolen or revealed. Consequences of password lost or revealing should be shouldered by the user.

Users shoulder the responsibility of confidentiality keeping when browsing and downloading materials marked by UnionPay as “Keep Confidential”, “Strict Confidentiality” or other words with the same meaning. Without written permission from UnionPay, the materials should not be provided to the third party or made public.

VIII. Laws Applied and Jurisdiction

Chinese law applied to the contents and use of UnionPay’s website. Disputes aroused for using this website should be handed to the local court where UnionPay is located for the lodging of suit.

VIIII. Contact Information

If you have any problems or suggestions when using UnionPay’s website, please contact us by: feedback@unionpay.com

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